Eastern Washington Effectiveness Study Development

Location: Spokane, WA
Owner: Eastern WA Stormwater Group

Aimee Navickis-Brasch, Phd, PE served as the Project Manager and Principal Investigator for this multiphase study as part of the Monitoring and Assessment requirements defined in Section S.8 of the Eastern Washington Phase II NPDES Municipal Stormwater Permit. Specifically, the permit requires that the jurisdictions (permittees) regulated under the permit work collaboratively with other permittees to select, propose, develop, and conduct Ecology-approved studies that will assess the effectiveness of their permit required stormwater management program activities and BMP practices. In response to these requirements, the permittees worked collaboratively to complete Phase 1 (identifying 24 conceptual study ideas) and Phase 2 (developing a ranked list of the top 14 studies). Phase 3 included developing detailed study design proposals for each project. Aimee’s work on this project included developing: conceptual proposals for stormwater educational studies; quality assurance project plan (QAPP) templates for structural, operational, and educational effectiveness studies; and proposals for 12 studies. The QAPP templates were developed in collaboration with multiple permittees and Ecology. The temples were adopted by Ecology and are now required for all permit requirement effectiveness studies in Washington State. Aimee also developed decision tools to assist the permittees in coming to consensus regarding decisions about the studies.

Research and Effectiveness Studies

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Services List
  • Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) Development
  • BMP Certification
  • Field Monitoring Design, Installation, and Operations
  • Effectiveness Studies for Structural, Operational, and Educational BMPs
  • Development of New Treatment Media
  • TAPE Support
Service Contact
Aimee Navickis-Brasch, PhD, PE
Engineering Manager

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