SPU Modeling On-Call

Location: Seattle, WA
Owner: Seattle Public Utilities

OCI is a key subconsultant on this modeling on-call contract led by Aqualyze. OCI and Aqualyze team members are working together to update and calibrate system wide sewer models as well as drainage basin models to provide SPU with a much needed tool to address and analyze system capacity issues in support of developing appropriate solutions for wastewater and drainage systems.

OCI updated the PC-SWMM models used to show how rain falls and becomes runoff, which was based primarily off of GIS data from the City of Seattle. Model updates were often limited by a lack of accurate GIS data, in which case OCI used area contour lines to be able to efficiently estimate how basins are draining. Models were calibrated to actual conditions by comparing simulated flows from the model with flow data from meters. The calibrated models are used to anticipate and respond to flood complaints, as they show places that are likely to flood during rain events. The better calibrated a model, the better the City can respond to drainage issues in the future.

Stormwater Management, Planning, and Compliance

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Services List
  • Capital Improvement Planning and Implementation
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
  • Stormwater Utility Development
  • Stormwater Code Review and Update
  • NPDES MS4 Mock Audits
  • Surface Water Manual Development and Updates
  • Floodplain Analysis and Mapping
  • Watershed and Basin Modeling and Planning
  • Site Plan Development
  • Training Development and Classroom Instruction
  • Storm and Surface Water System Pipeline Design
  • Flood Reduction
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