Kirkland Park Lane

Location: Kirkland, WA
Owner: City of Kirkland

Although just a few blocks long, the Park Lane woonerf has transformed this area of downtown Kirkland into a lively, attractive street designed for lingering, community engagement, commerce, and art. Formerly plagued with flooding, buckled sidewalks, and collapsing trees, the rebirth of Park Lane as a pedestrian-oriented street filled with amenities is a welcomed change. Traffic calming is achieved through winding the roadway through generous pedestrian areas framed by trees, stores, and restaurants. Bollards restrict vehicles on this curbless street. Pedestrian and vehicular zones are carpeted with permeable pavers, which delineate street, parking stalls, and sidewalk zones through color variations. Ample movable furniture is placed amid colorful plantings and pedestals supporting sculptures by local artists. Catenary lights provide a festive atmosphere at night. Ecologically, bioretention planters treat and slow all storm water runoff, and trees are supported through the combination of structural soil and Silva Cell technology. The blend of art and sustainable design has made this festival street a popular destination for all ages for early morning coffee, midday shopping, or an evening out.