76th Street and 145th Avenue Pervious Pavement

Location: Redmond, WA
Owner: City of Redmond

Since 2008, OCI has been the prime consultant working with the City of Redmond to resolve multiple persistent stormwater issues.  To date, there have been 19 tasks involving approximately 40 individual sites. Each of these tasks requires OCI to be agile and responsive to identify the project problem, review options, and develop PS&E for bid. The tasks have included a wide variety of stormwater analysis including low impact design (LID), SWMM modeling, and working within the existing streetscape.

One of these tasks was developing an approach to eliminate excess runoff flowing over sidewalks. The City was concerned because the growth of slippery algae and winter ice made these sidewalks hazardous. OCI proposed and a developed PS&E to replace the sidewalks with porous concrete and provide a path for the excess runoff to infiltrate. Due to the need to complete construction in the summer season, OCI was able to complete options review and develop PS&E in only 3-months.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) / Low Impact Development (LID)

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  • Bioretention / Rain Garden Design
  • Porous Pavement Design
  • UIC Well Design Support
  • Rainwater Harvesting
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