Sanitary Sewer Repair Program

Location: Bellevue, WA
Owner: City of Bellevue

OCI is currently working under a four-year contract with the City of Bellevue to produce PS&E for approximately 40 sewer repair projects per year. The OCI team identified the sites using the City’s GIS system and its Maximo Asset Management program. All identified repairs were reviewed and verified using CCTV prior to providing a repair recommendation. Each of the 40-plus sites is reviewed in the field for any potential constructability issues (i.e., permitting, accessibility, conflicts with existing infrastructure, etc). OCI uses this information to acquire survey as needed or uses the existing GIS information to create bid plan sheets and estimates detailing the type of replacement and site restoration required for each site.

Utilities Planning and Design

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  • Open-Cut and Trenchless Solutions
  • Utility Analysis and Design
  • Prioritization and Rehabilitation of Existing Infrastructure
  • CCTV and Inspection Report Review
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