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It’s World Wetlands Day!


This World Wetlands Day, we are highlighting four different types of wetlands, one from each region where we have an Osborn Consulting office. Larson Lake, Bellevue About the Wetland: The wetland at Larsen Lake is defined as a bog. Bogs are extremely important to protect since their functions are irreplicable. This is because they take
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Sewer Replacement Program


Location: Bellingham, WA Owner: City of Bellingham Each winter, the City of Bellingham dedicates $2 million to design and construct several miles of sewer pipe replacement. Using the City of Bellingham’s asset management software, the pipes were identified as deficient and in need of replacement. OCI was responsible for reviewing CCTV videos and inspection reports,
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25th Street Bike and Pedestrian Improvements


Location: Bellingham, WA Owner: City of Bellingham OCI is responsible for the design and PS&E for the bioretention system and community support. Located along 25th St, between Bill McDonald Pkwy and Douglas Ave, the project includes adding bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the street, intersection improvements at Taylor Ave and Douglas Ave, and
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