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Community-Centric Green Stormwater Infrastructure


More than two decades have passed since Seattle’s pilot Street Edge Alternatives Project (SEA Streets) was completed in 2001, the first public right-of-way Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) retrofit of its kind in the US. Since then, the benefits of GSI have been time-tested and proven in cities around the world. Although treatment technology and implementation
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Green Area Maintenance in the Spotlight


Success for green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) can only truly be measured years after the plans are stamped and the last plantings are in the ground. The responsibility of ensuring the longevity and functionality of a GSI system rests in the hands of operations and maintenance (O&M) staff. In a recent video produced by the City
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Redmond Stormwater On-Call


Location: RedmondOwner: City of Redmond OCI is under contract to provide stormwater and professional services to the Natural Resources Division for the City of Redmond. OCI is working with the City on Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), such as stream/habitat protection or improvement, fisheries enhancement, streambank stabilization or erosion repair, small and large regional stormwater conveyance
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