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Colman Dock’s Grand Reopening


If you’ve taken a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island or Bremerton in the past six years, you may have experienced the flurry of construction enveloping Colman Dock as Washington State Ferries maintained service on its busiest routes during a major facilities upgrade. On August 3, this flagship terminal finally reopened fully to the public,
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APWA Project of the Year: John Lewis Memorial Bridge


It’s not often that feats of engineering design can tell a Shakespearean story—two neighborhoods divided into east and west for over fifty years by the construction of I-5, residential areas and North Seattle College separated from shopping districts, business parks, and major transit stations. It wasn’t until the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge, now known as the
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Navigating ESA Consultation for Transportation Drainage


The stormwater industry is abuzz with how to respond to 6PPD-quinone, a chemical used to prevent degradation of car tires, which is adversely impacting our natural environment. If you are working on a roadway improvement project, you might be triggering an Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation to ensure aquatic environments are protected from roadway runoff.
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Proactive Stormwater Budget Coming to Spokane Valley


The City of Spokane Valley has experienced significant population increase in recent years and is subject to increasing regulatory requirements for stormwater. Having not increased their stormwater utility fee in close to 15 years, the City hired Osborn Consulting to lead a consultant team in developing a proposed fee increase and a stormwater utility program
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Green Area Maintenance in the Spotlight


Success for green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) can only truly be measured years after the plans are stamped and the last plantings are in the ground. The responsibility of ensuring the longevity and functionality of a GSI system rests in the hands of operations and maintenance (O&M) staff. In a recent video produced by the City
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