Bellingham, Washington

25th Street Bike and Pedestrian Improvements

Osborn Consulting was responsible for the Drainage Memorandum, plans, specifications, and estimate for the drainage portions of the project. The project includes adding bike lanes and sidewalks on either side of the street, a planter strip on one side of the street, intersection improvements at Taylor Ave and Douglas Ave, and a GSI bioretention system. The bioretention system provides stormwater treatment and flow control and consists of a series of small level pools and weirs before discharge into Padden Creek, a 303a listed waterbody. This system is integrated with the pedestrian walkways and Lowell Park.


City of Bellingham

Award Winning

In 2015, the ASCE Seattle Section recognized this project with a Local Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award.

Project Goals

Goals for the project were to improve access and safety for all non-motorized modes of transportation, reduce vehicle/pedestrian conflict points, increase corridor capacity and circulation, expand bicycle utilization, and enhance existing stormwater quality and runoff controls while providing a minimalistic impact to the environment.