Aug 18, 2023

New Team Members in 2023

As we grow closer to Osborn Consulting’s 19th anniversary, we want to pause and reflect on the incredible accomplishments of our team and the successful client partnerships that together has allowed us to grow to a firm of 90 talented, passionate, and creative people!

So far this year, we have added 17 new team members, who bring unique skills, expand our technical capabilities, and bring fresh perspectives to our projects. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of working with our latest hires, please take a moment to get to know them:

Coming in at the end of 2022, Mike Zarecor, PE, Kayla Kassa, PE, as well as Sophia Nespor, EIT each joined our civil engineering ranks. Mike joined us and started our remote Vancouver, WA office after spending four years with Wetland Studies and Solutions in Maryland. Kayla and Sophia, both Gonzaga alums, support our Eastern Washington Infrastructure Planning and Design team in Spokane. Kayla’s background focuses primarily on-stream restoration and floodplain mapping. She is very passionate about the health of our streams and providing habitat for salmon species. Sophia’s eight years of experience is primarily in site development.

In early 2023, Anuhya Konda joined our team as a landscape designer. She is a member of ASLA’s Student Support and Engagement Committee and has a passion for engaging students in our industry. Anu has a background in architecture and is passionate about working on projects that improve natural resources and green infrastructure. She is new to the PNW region and loves exploring new places with her pup, Cosmo.

Up in Bellingham, Landon Van Dyk joined as a Project Coordinator/Technician. Landon’s varied background has come full circle from serving as a project engineer in both civil and agricultural fields (including a couple years at Osborn Consulting back in the early days; employee #4), to managing a large family dairy and raspberry farm for nearly a decade; and now returning to the civil design world again, bringing a range of skills and knowledge.

In Spokane, Brendan Doohan, EIT started as a project engineer. Brendan draws on the experience from his senior capstone project, and years spent working for small businesses. Brendan supports our Eastern Washington Infrastructure Planning and Design team in planning and designing stormwater infrastructure. He is a Spokane native and enjoys time spent at the lake and in the mountains.

Across the mountains in Seattle, Sarah O’Neill, PLA became our newest landscape architect. She thrives on cross-discipline collaboration and brings to the table a versatile skillset with a passion for horticulture. In her spare time, she breeds roses and is current president of the Seattle Rose Society.

In June, Will Muawad, EIT joined our Spokane office as a project engineer and is contributing to our Eastern Washington team.  Will recently moved from Nashville after working for two years in stream restoration post-graduation from the University of Michigan. Outside of work, Will really enjoys trail running and skiing, as well as exploring the outdoors around Spokane.

Earlier in July, Jamie Kauffman, EIT, Kayt Riggs-Mills, EIT, and Simone Yamaoka, EIT all joined in Bellevue as our newest project engineers. All three of them just recently graduated with their bachelor’s degrees, Kayt and Simone both are University of Washington alums and they support our Transportation Drainage team. Jamie is a Seattle University graduate working with our Water Resources team.

In mid-July, Courtney Dale, PE joined our Bellevue team as our newest civil engineer. She draws on more than eight years of experience working on many key projects, including the Shipyard Infrastructure Optimization Program and Stormwater Study.

Last week, Diana Halladay started in our Bellingham office as our new senior project biologist. She brings over twenty years of various experience, most recently in environmental compliance on Washington State Department of Transportation design-build projects, including fish passage. And over in Bellevue, Heather Spates joined as our new GIS analyst with over 10 years’ experience in mapping with Local and State Governments.

On the administrative and marketing side, we are pleased to welcome Diane Loui as our new facilities manager, Paige Vaughn as a project accountant, and Wesley Riddle, who fills a new role as our internal communications specialist.

This is an exciting time for growing and capitalizing on opportunities to collaborate, learn, and explore new ways to deliver on our shared mission of delivering practical and creative solutions that improve our communities and the environment. From 2004 to 2023 we have grown from a firm of one to a firm of 90 passionate and talented team members. We hope you will have a chance to meet our latest hires soon!

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