May 22, 2024

New Team Members in May 2024

Spring is here and along with the growing flowers Osborn has been doing some growing as well. In these past few months alone, we have had the delight of adding ten new talented, passionate, and creative people to our team.  

Each time we gain a new team member, they bring with them their own unique skillset and Osborn expands our technical and operational capabilities. Pushing us into new and exciting heights.  If you haven’t already had the pleasure of working with these groovy people, please join us in taking a moment to get to know them better: 

In early March, Sophia Pasinski, EIT joined the team as a project engineer in our water resources practice. Sophia is a Cal Poly Humboldt alum, and she has a passion for the outdoors, which shows up in every project that she works on. She loves to hike and take photos of nature, as well as architecture. 

In mid-March, Rhoda Trusty came onboard as a CADD Technician and Preston Walker, EIT joined our water resources practice. Rhoda joins us with over a decade of CAD experience and loves creating things and learning new skills. It brings her joy when a project ends up functioning how it was supposed to. Preston comes from a background in site development, and he really enjoys taking a creative approach to problem solving. He loves the outdoors and is really into trail running. 

In early April, Michaela Gehn  came onboard as a senior civil designer, Lauren Fissel, EIT joined the team as a MicroStation technician, Henry Moen, EIT, and Emma Eickert, EIT both joined as project engineers. Michaela loves sorting out the complexities of large design projects and the teamwork required to successfully complete a project.   In her spare time, Michaela enjoys cycling, skiing, and growing food in her garden.  Lauren loves geology and using software to solve complex problems as well as aiding others in their problem solving. In her spare time, she enjoys cycling and exploring Seattle as well as some quality time with her many pets. Henry loves working with his hands. He once helped his dad build a house from scratch and he learned a lot from that. He makes sure to do things to the best of his ability and he loves being able to support those around him. Emma loves a good puzzle, and she loves taking on projects that make communities safer overall.  Coming from Ohio, she is very excited for the access to nature that the PNW provides–specifically the skiing, sailing, and hiking. 

In mid-April, Eugene Burgy joined the team as director of technology. Eugene is passionate about mentoring the people around him, he loves supporting people and building relationships. He enjoys cooking and can always find his way out of a messy situation.  

In late April we welcomed Matthew Bonner, EIT as our newest project engineer in our water resources practice, and Osborn’s 100 employee. Matthew is a University of Washington alum and they love learning all that they can about the natural world around them. They also enjoy cycling, crafting jewelry, and playing bocce ball. 

Most recently, Kristin Kildall, PLA joined our LAUD team as a senior project manager and landscape architect. Kristin loves seeing the impact of her work on the community and bringing joy through the projects that she works on. In her spare time, she enjoys making pottery mugs and planters that look like her dog and cat, and other fun creations.

It is our hope that you have the chance to personally get to know each of our new hires. Looking to join the team yourself? Check out our open positions! 

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