Nov 13, 2015

Bioretention in the Classroom

OCI Project Manager Rebekah Weston designed and built a scale model segment of the Venema Natural Drainage Basin, one of our recently constructed projects. Rebekah completed the model for educational purposes and has shown it at this year’s APWA conference and will now be taking it into the classroom to use as a teaching tool about stormwater.

Rebekah and Jeff Roeser, another OCI Project Manager, presented the model to a class of students at a local school. As the students were preparing for their final exam in environmental science, the presentation gave them hands on experience with the system they had been learning about. Rebekah explained to the class how water is treated through bioretention compared to other methods and demonstrated the turbidity (water quality) before and after flowing through the system.

The Venema Natural Drainage System project was recently constructed in the Broadview neighborhood of Seattle. OCI designed the bioretention system that treats stormwater runoff in the neighborhood before it enters Venema creek, which flows into the fish-bearing Piper’s creek.


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