Jan 6, 2015

Meet Our Newest Employees

The end of 2014 was a time of great growth for Osborn Consulting. We recently added four new staff members of exceptional talent to our engineering and administrative teams.

Joining our engineering team is Alison Sparks, an exceptionally qualified engineer-in-training specializing in roadway drainage and water resources. Alison received her BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University and has earned many certifications since her graduation. She has worked on projects throughout Indiana and Washington in areas of transportation, storm water management, utilities and more. Alison’s consistently up-beat attitude has made her a great addition to the OCI office.

Also joining the engineering team is Travis Franklin, our newest CADD Technician with 10 years of drafting experience under his belt. Travis has a lot of experience working with site development, transportation, and military projects that provides him with a wide range and depth of understanding when it comes to the complex systems he designs. His ability to quickly learn from his colleagues and from his experiences has set him apart as an exceptional member of the OCI team.

On the administrative side, Yvonne York has joined OCI as Accounting Coordinator. We are excited to have Yvonne as a part of our team due to her previous positions in public accounting and internal accounting with a wide range of firms throughout Boston and Seattle. Yvonne has been an incredibly beneficial addition to the OCI team; in the past month she has worked hard to master the inner workings of the company’s finances while always maintaining a smile on her face.

Also on the administrative team, we welcome Madison Dreiger, our new intern. Madison just graduated from The University of Washington with her communications degree, ready to soak up as much knowledge and experience as she can in the business development operations. Madison performs some day to day administrative tasks as well as assists with important marketing opportunities. She loves to offer help without a moment’s hesitation and has been a valuable addition to our team.

We wish Alison, Travis, Yvonne, and Madison the best of luck as they continue to settle in with OCI and hope that 2015 is a year full of more opportunities and more growth for Osborn Consulting and all of our clients and supporters.

From left to right: Travis, Alison, Yvonne, and Madison

From left to right: Travis, Alison, Yvonne, and Madison

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