Sep 30, 2016

Meet Our Vice-Presidents: Laura Ruppert and Robert Parish

Chances are if you have done work with Osborn Consulting you have already had the opportunity to meet and work with either or both Laura and Robert on your projects; but did you know that on top of being exceptional project managers, they are both OCI Vice-Presidents and Board Members? Laura, Robert, and Tarelle Osborn (President) make up OCI’s executive leadership team.

Laura has been with OCI since 2010 and Robert joined the company in 2012. In 2014 Laura took on the responsibilities of Vice-President of Engineering, expanding the company’s executive leadership team, joining Tarelle, who has served as OCI’s President since 2004. This year we are pleased to announce that Robert has been promoted to Vice-President. In addition to their executive management roles, Tarelle, Robert and Laura are also current OCI board members.

Over the past 12 years, OCI has grown in number of team members and services provided to an expanding client base. The contributions that Laura and Robert have made to OCI’s growth has been key to our success and will continue to be in the years to come.

Here are a just a couple great things that our clients have had to say about our awesome Vice-Presidents:

“Robert Parish has been a pleasure to work with. As a consultant project manager he is a rare and valuable combination of personable, efficient, and thorough. His considerable engineering expertise – which includes CIPP and other trenchless pipe techniques — was invaluable for the successful completion of multiple pipe repair projects.” – John Featherstone, City of Shoreline

“I was very fortunate that Laura Ruppert was my contact engineer for the update to our Surface Water Comprehensive Plan. I really appreciated her prompt responses to my inquiries and always felt like she addressed all my issues and concerns in the perfect amount of detail. Sometimes just being available to answer the phone and talk through a project issue means more than you realize. When we reviewed the final document, I felt like Laura had listened to my concerns and addressed them in the final document.” – Kari Chennault, City of Marysville


OCI’s Executive Leadership Team (from left to right: Tarelle Osborn, Laura Ruppert, Robert Parish)

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