Aug 23, 2016

Osborn Designs SDOT Neighborhood Street Fund Projects

This summer, OCI developed conceptual designs for Seattle’s Department of Transportation’s annual Neighborhood Street Fund Program, recently covered by King 5 News.

OCI provided concept-level designs for 20 Neighborhood Street Fund projects. The projects range from sidewalk improvements, new roundabouts, signal upgrades, and more. Working from applications provided by community members detailing problem areas and potential solutions, as well as guidance from SDOT, OCI engineers developed concept-level designs and cost estimates for each of the project sites. They collaborated with OCI’s graphic designer to create aerial and section-view images of the project area to aid in visualizing the proposed improvements. The design, cost estimate, and conceptual images were used to create a project information sheet for each of the sites. For example, one of the 20 information sheets that OCI prepared was for safety improvements at the North Beacon Hill Town Center.

The information sheets will be reviewed by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee this autumn to determine which projects will continue into design and construction with funding from the Neighborhood Street Fund program. All 65 projects are now on display for the public on SDOT’s website.

Examples of conceptual images designed by OCI team members:

2016-001 v2 Section2016-103 2016-039


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