Jun 11, 2015

Osborn Projects Win Two LOCEA Awards

Last night (June 10th, 2015), OCI was presented with two awards at the ASCE Seattle Chapter’s Local Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (LOCEA) award ceremony. Our project in Kenmore, Northshore Summit Park, was selected as the winner for the small projects category, and Bellingham’s 25th Street Bike and Pedestrian Improvements was the recipient of the transportation project category award.

Both project teams were asked to present their projects at the ceremony. Robert Parish presented with other members of the project team for the 25th Street Project, focusing on the cascading bioretention system that he designed. You can see pictures and read more about the project by clicking here. Standing in for Project Manager, Chun Ho Chen, Tarelle Osborn represented the Northshore Summit Park project, discussing the challenges of the site, elements of public involvement, and accomplishments of the design team. Pictures and a project description are available by clicking here.

We are honored to have received two of the five awards presented at the ceremony. More information on these awards can be found on the Seattle ASCE website: https://www.seattleasce.org/awards/.

Northshore Award EditedBellingham Award Edited

Robert Presenting Edited Tarelle Presenting from Veronica Vong Tarelle Award Edited Robert with Award Edited

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