Aug 24, 2015

Puyallup River Bridge Replacement Timelapse

Last weekend, the 379-ton, steel truss bridge, originally built in 1925 and most recently used as temporary detour bridge across Puyallup River, was moved away from the river and onto WSDOT right-of-way. OCI worked on the drainage design for the temporary detour and the permanent bridge, designed a bioswale to  treat the added PGIS, and conducted scour and zero-rise analysis for WSDOT’s Puyallup River Bridge Replacement Project. The old bridge can now be offered to other jurisdictions for use as pedestrian or bicycle facility or, if not, WSDOT could recycle the steel. Check out the video of the move here:

Previously, this bridge was moved a few feet to the east of its original location and to be used as a temporary detour during the construction of the new bridge. If you missed watching this move back in 2014, check it out now. It is pretty amazing.

Replacing the structurally-deficient steel truss bridge, the new northbound 167 Puyallup River Bridge supports wider lands, a wider sidewalk, removes the previous over-height and overweight truck load restrictions across the Puyallup River, and has capacity for more lanes to be added in the future.

Photo courtesy of WSDOT

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