Jul 24, 2018

Osborn Consulting Summer Picnic

With summer in full swing, Office Picnic season is upon us. Here at OCI we are not strangers to the ideas of fun and laughter, in fact they embed themselves at the core of who we are.

Over this past weekend, on Saturday the 21st, OCI team members and their families took to Vasa Park on Lake Sammamish in Bellevue for our annual OCI Summer Picnic. Tacos from El Maestro Del Taco in Bellevue were enjoyed alongside activities such as swimming and beach volleyball.  The OCI Engineering Interns added to the festivities by creating a “Fish Passable Culvert Relay Race,” in which participants and their teams created a culvert out of cardboard and duct tape that had to be “fish passable” (or human-passable in this case!). Enjoy some pictures from the relay and the picnic below and have a great summer!


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