Seattle, Washington

Sewer Relining Program

Osborn Consulting led Seattle Public Utilities’ Sewer Relining Program and provided bid documents and construction assistance for using CIPP on over 400 drainage, sanitary sewer, and combined sewer pipes. The program’s primary objective was to renew the wastewater pipe system as well as support NPDES and Consent Decree compliance by reducing sewer overflows, dry weather overflows, and combined sewer overflows. Our field crews visited sites throughout Seattle to collect data on sewer pipes and maintenance holes that was then imported to a central database. The design team used the collected data to assess the feasibility of lining the pipes and accessing the maintenance holes and staging area for the contractor. The information in the database was then used to develop the bid documents which included a data sheet for each pipe that provided the contractor all the information required for bid and construction.


Seattle Public Utilities

CIPP Lining 1
Inside Maintenance Hole