Lake Stevens, Washington

SR 9 / SR 204 Intersection Improvements

The goal of the project is to alleviate severe congestion affecting commuter and freight traffic at this intersection and provide bicycle and pedestrian pathways to improve access to local businesses and transit. As stormwater lead, Osborn Consulting is developing drainage solutions for new stormwater infrastructure with both flow control and water quality treatment and TESC PS&E, and hydraulic reports for each stage, including proposed conveyance pipes up to 42-inches in diameter. Stage 1 was constructed in 2019 for the southern portion of the project. The Osborn Consulting team provided stormwater and TESC plans, hydraulic reports, and provided construction support for Stage 1. Stage 2 of the project included further widening and additional turn lanes prior to the intersection improvements. The final design phase, Stage 3, involves a multiple roundabout design, lane widening, and bicycle and pedestrian improvements with water quality treatment for 3.5 acres of PGIS area.