Port Angeles, Washington

Stormwater Permit Implementation Support

Osborn Consulting is working with the City of Port Angeles to ensure compliance with Ecology’s Western Washington Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit by leading the effort to perform tasks and meet deadlines as prescribed by the current Permit. The team is supporting the development of a Stormwater Planning Program by informing and assisting in the development of policies, strategies, and water quality management tools to protect the City’s receiving waters. The Osborn Consulting team is working closely with the City to coordinate stormwater management goals with long-range municipal plan updates and develop the City’s Stormwater Management Plan (SMAP) process. Permit implementation services also include updating the City’s existing IDDE program and Operations and Maintenance program to meet the 2019–2024 permit requirements and developing a new Source Control program to prevent and reduce pollutants in runoff associated with existing land uses and activities, as well as a directed services task. Under this directed services task, Osborn has been providing review of construction permit documents to ensure compliance with the City’s stormwater regulations.


City of Port Angeles

City of Port Angeles - Degradation 6-27-2022
City of Port Angeles - Importance 6-27-2022
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