Issaquah, Washington

East Lake Sammamish Parkway

Osborn Consulting is the prime consultant working with the City of Issaquah to design solutions to resolve flooding on East Lake Sammamish Parkway, a major city arterial, as well as relocate a Sammamish Plateau water main and provide King County Parks trail modifications. The project, planned for bid in early 2023, involves the replacement of two existing culvert crossings with structures designed to meet WDFW fish passage requirements. The 12-inch water main will be realigned to extend the casing beyond the wider culvert and to add a gate valve to isolate the work-zone to limit service disruptions. Existing buried electrical and communication conduits, along with buried gas main, are being coordinated for relocation with the utility owners. The design included pedestrian planning and sidewalk realignment with the new street profile.


City of Issaquah