Olympia, Washington

Olympic Region 24 Fish Passages Project

Osborn Consulting is the Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Lead and is providing fish passage and stream design for the Olympic Region’s project to replace 24 existing culverts with fish passable structures to improve fish passage, while providing a safe roadway for the traveling public. Our team members developed the preliminary stormwater drainage design. For each site, we designed stormwater treatment and flow control BMPs to meet the Highway Runoff Manual requirements, Endangered Species Act treatment commitments, and Fish Passage Stormwater Retrofit analysis treatment requirements for each site. Each stormwater design team prepared the Type A hydraulic reports, fish passage retrofit assessments, and stormwater BMP detail sheets for each site. Coordination with WSDOT Olympic Region and HQ Hydraulics staff was critical to set the design goals and criteria for each project.


WSDOT Olympic Region


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